Generation(s) in the Writing Center:
Meeting in the Middle

Jay Sloan and Andrew Rihn
Jay Sloan and Andrew Rihn met when working as a teacher-student pair in the writing center at Kent State University-Stark Campus, and now they are active co-researchers, co-authors, and co-agitators in the writing center community. Over the past several years, they have co-presented at national and regional conferences including IWCA, NCPTW, ECWCA, NEOWCA, and MAWCA; they have also co-moderated two LGBTQ Special Interest Groups at writing center conferences. 

Last year, Jay and Andrew’s co-authored article “‘Rainbows in the Past Were Gay’: LGBTQIA in the WC” was published in Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, and they are currently working on two more journal articles.

In addition, Andrew has published several chapbooks of poetry, as well as articles and reviews in journals such as The Dangling ModifierEnculturation: A Journal of WritingRhetoric, and Culture, and New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry, where he published “Resistance One-On-One: An Undergraduate Peer Tutor's Perspective.” 

Jay has written a number of articles on Victorian literature and on writing center pedagogy, including his article "Centering Difference: Student Agency and the Limits of 'Comfortable' Collaboration," published in Dialogue: A Journal for Writing Specialists.

Jay is the Writing Center Director at Kent State-Stark and an assistant professor. Andrew is a professional writing tutor at Stark State College.
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Jay Sloan
Andrew Rihn